First of all, please excuse my english, it's not my mother language as i'm french. My name is Thomas and i'm 42 years old. My project story start when i was 16 years old.

I started computers in 1985 with a Commodore 64. Fastly i get to program it in assembly language and basic. After a time i get an Amstrad CPC and an Amiga 500. Sometimes later i get in hands my first PC with MS DOS 3 x86 at 4Mhz in turbo speed and 10MB hard drive and a monochrome screen.

I've written several system functions in x86 assembly for fun and start learning C and Pascal languages.

With the progress of technology i started feel that creating games for PC will be a "killer" idea. In that time i was 16 years old. So i started gathering informations but unfortunately people looked at me in the weird way like "hey kid go to school and let big people go on duty" or "hey kid go play on your mom's laps".

With a lot of difficulties, i have been oriented to an organisation that help project holders to startup. Again i was badly taken for serious. At this time i had a hard time and i had to give up on my dreams because some life priorities had to be handled.

Today game industry make billions of dollars on PC and several platforms. I have one regret is that nobody in my time could believe in my vision...

Hopefully today the age have changed, and wonderful tools such KickStarter exist to change the stone age :-)


Where do humanity come from ? How did the first man/woman came on earth ? What is the purpose of life ? So many questions without answers... Or maybe you have some answers that you assume are the right ones ?

Some would say, its God creation. Others would say we were created by aliens. Some others would say, illuminati are behind all. And so on... What is your opinion about that ? 

The truth is out there. Enroll in a fabulous adventure to discover the roots of existence and cross the world and the universe to seek the truth.

Here is an example of game art :

 This will be the option window, all the game option will be available under this format.

The game

Once you embraced the main goal of the game you will progress in a world of fantasy based on real life stories.

You will choose a race for your avatar, then a class for your avatar. You will have to make progress your avatar to the highest levels by accomplishing quests.

The game starts in the future, in year 2230. The player start in a zone out of Earth and may need to travel in space to go back to Earth.

The game will be multilangual, French and English will be supported at start. Further languages might be integrated at funds stretched goals.

 But if you are not interested in doing quests, than you can just chill around, meet new people, make friends, role play your own scenarios.

There will be a whole fishing ecosystem that will be implemented, as well as hunting and many other awesome features for chillers.

Main features

  • Real life based quest series
  • Multi-age based quest series
  • Time traveling, go in past, in future
  • Customizable user interface skin to match the moment age
  • Space traveling
  • Planets and exoplanets exploration
  • Highly customizable avatars
  • Non combat clothes for avatars (for those who just want chill around)
  • Hero avatars
  • Flyable traveling engines with some reserved to guilds
  • Faction controlled towns
  • Triggered mysterious events
  • New approach of inventory system
  • Own lands, build a home or whatever
  • special mechanics for casual players
  • Possibility to create multiple characters sharing the same inventory
  • No server to choose, everybody is in the same world
  • "Do what you want", its a game where you can play or just chill

These features come in addition to the classic features that are in most MMORPG.

These features depend of the stretch goals.

One feature we would like to implement is some unique objects that can be hold only by one player in the whole game. Such item that require a long quests hold to get. But the player need to be a regular gamer to be able to keep the item. If the player do not connect to the game for some time, he/she looses the item and it becomes available again for other players. The item can be stealed in some circumstances, and recovered by the original owner through amazing game mechanics.

The idea is to create some "racing" approach to who figure out the first how to get the unique relic item.

The Races

The graphic representation of the races is temporary. The art in the final game will be different. Why is that ? We need to purchase the art and this may represent a high cost, so we use for temporary purpose pictures supplied by Pixabay.

Info : The availability of the races depend tightly of the level of funds raised. A block will explain this details. Also we might use a survey to determine the priority of the races to produce if the funds aren't enough to produce all of them.

Oh what ?! So many races ? And some do not mach together xd. A modern robot beside an orc, that sounds crappy ? Well there are legends about all these races and we believe that there is no smoke without fire. So the story of the game start in an advanced age where all of these races live in the same existence but probably not at the same age or location. So we would like to create an interaction between them all. We think that would be a wonderful opportunity.


The classes

The graphic representation of the classes is temporary. The art in the final game will be different. Why is that ? We need to purchase the art and this may represent a high cost, so we use for temporary purpose pictures supplied by Pixabay.

Info : The availability of the classes depend tightly of the level of funds raised. A block will explain this details. Also we might use a survey to determine the priority of the classes to produce if the funds aren't enough to produce all of them.

If you look around you, you may notice that all these classes exist in the real world. Just saying :D

Here is an example of how would look a male knight


Please keep in mind that those are simple demonstrations, the implementation in the final game will be of higher quality.

The avatars

The avatars will have a high cutting edge level of customization. You will be able to customize your avatar like never before that was possible inside a RPG or MMORPG. Of course it is not an obligation, but if you like the avatar oriented thing then you will gladly served.

If you are a FPS lover you will be able to play as a first person player too.

Here is an example of a female alien  :

Please keep in mind that those are simple demonstrations, the implementation in the final game will be of higher quality. 

The Game Play

The will be various game play to match almost every gamer needs.

Some exclusive game mechanics will be available such as :

  • items that can be stolen
  • jails
  • usable artefacts
  • legendary items
  • the ability to build legendary items
  • cars, plains, space ships, mounts, trains, boats, tanks, helicopters, drones, etc.
    We are thinking of implementing a new feature that will depend of community survey. As a feed back we are aware that some people thinks that MMO are too complex to play and on the other hand some people thinks that MMO are too simple to play, meanwhile a bunch of people just love it the way it is.
    So on this basis we thought it would be interesting to implement a level of experience. What that means ? When you create your character, you may be able to choose the "experience" level that could be "easy", "average" or "hard".
    The easy mode will hide all the complex customization option and will simplify to the maximum all the interaction of the player.
    The average mode is the way how are most MMORPG of the moment.
    The hard mode will introduce more option, more tuning possibilities, complex consoles and coding possibilities.
    For example, lets say you want to bake a bread that give some extra skills for an hour. In a classic MMO you may need to get 2 or 3 components and go near a fire to bake the bread.
    This approach is too easy, or too hard, or normal depending of your player profile. So we want that each profile of player get satisfied of the experience while all of them are playing fairly at the same level.
    So for the easy mode, instead of running after 3 components, the player may need 1 component, but this 1 component will be as hard to get and as expensive as the 3 components.
    In the hard mode, the player may need to create the 3 components, and may need to control the fire level and temperature. The hard mode wouldn't be a fair play mode but it's the player choice.
      This feature won't be implemented if the community of players do not like it and of course not at the first level of funds.


The factions

There won't be a determined fixed factions. Factions will be dynamic and changing with the game to match a higher realism.


In Game Economy

There will be a full economy ecosystem in the game permitting all trading forms :

  • auctions
  • marketplace in game and on web
  • dark markets (rare and undocumented items resell)
  • black markets (stolen items resell)

There will be an electronic currency in game that can be converted into real money. There will be a possibility to work and earn incomes inside the game under strict conditions.


Game goals

If the game is intended to go for quests, you can also decide to just chill around, go shopping, fishing, hunting, chatting, role play and special feature of creating your own quests.



Various quests will be available in the game. A big part will be based on real life stories. There will be a full quests suite on the following topics :

  • Crop circles
  • Pyramids
  • Nazca
  • Zone 51
  • Bermuda triangle
  • Necronomicon
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Time traveling

The topics will grow up with the funds.


Casual Players

Are you a casual player ? No problem, this game is casual friendly. The game will calculate your offline time. If you are too much offline, you will get a casual player tag that will unlock special features reserved to casual players. The calculation system will be advanced, so no cheating possible to grant casual status if you are not a casual.

To avoid misunderstands, casual mode do not mean that the player can get easily "hard to get" items, or free stuff. It is only game mechanics to allow people who do not have the time to socialize or join guilds to access game contents alone without being blocked by the fact that they are not in a guild, or maybe they just have 30 minutes to play and that is not enough to build a group or a raid.

The system will be really smart, there will be no way to cheat it.

We believe that this mode is important because according to my experience i have met a lot of casual player who do not have the time to enroll into groups and raids because they may need to disconnect at any moment.

Some more game art :

This window will be used for the player stash. 

Offline mode !

If we go on the stretch funds we will be able to turn the game into MMORPG. In this mode, as you know internet connexion is required. For the first time in a MMORPG we will introduce an offline mode for who would want to continue to play when they cannot have an internet connexion. Of course some strict rules and limitation will apply in this mode.

An offline manager will be available in game that will allow you to "retrieve" some game logic about specific zones in game and record them in encrypted way on your computer while you have an internet connexion. You will be able to interact and play with these zones in a limited way when you will be offline. All what happens will be stored in an encrypted way and will be synchronized to the world server when you are back online.

Of course, and advanced anti-cheating system will be implemented in this mode to avoid all possible hacks.

Please note that this isn't a thrown idea in the air. We much think about it and about the implementation. High cutting edge technologies will be used to deploy this option with awesome features. Trust me you will love it !

Some more game art :

The main menu to access wide control on the game. 

Game Economic Model

The game will be a free to play with optional feature that will be paid. The game will have a restricted mode that require a monthly paid membership. The membership will unlock restricted mode content such as bloody combats, nudity for avatars and some specific role play.

But in all cases you may choose to play totaly for free if you want. You just need to download the game, install it, register and thats it.

When the game will be available ?

Such a game with all features described require 5 to 8 years of work. Don't panic, you don't need to wait 5 or 8 years of course ! With the minimum funds we require, a fully playable version will be available in between 6 to 12 months.

With today technologies, its is possible to divide the dev time by almost 10. As a demonstration, our game prototype was produce in about 16 hours of work. 20 years ago such a prototype would have required 3 to 6 month of work.

For our project, we are not starting from scratch. We will be using a powerful 3D engine and a already designed MMORPG engine based on a 100% authoritative server. This will wipe at least 4 years of hard work. It's all ready tested and approved !

Here is an example of a 1 minute (of work) animated character implementation (yes, yes 1 minute !) :

How can this be achieved in 1 minute ? Simple : the alien was created by a freelance artist, the animation was created by a freelance animator. The point is to get these assets and compile them together, that requires 1 minute once all is setup in place.

Also all the graphics you saw here, all these awesome windows and bars have been made by a freelance artist. We will be using them for the game because we love them. It's already a month of work economy in the development timeline. 


How the funds will be used ? As any project we need to create a company, rent a work place, pay insurances, buy hardware, buy software licenses and pay several administration fees.

Here is how the funds will be used after removing the 10% that goes to KickStarter :

[Text version]

  • 3% : company creation
  • 0.73% : brand protection
  • 5% : Workplace rent
  • 0.65% Electricity
  • 1% : Insurance
  • 1% : Accounting
  • 1%: Taxes
  • 0.55% : Bank
  • 2.07% : Game Servers rents
  • 5% : Software licenses
  • 18% : 3D Art designing (races, maps, world)
  • 7% : Music and sounds
  • 4% : Project management
  • 7% : English community management
  • 5% : Web and french community management
  • 8% : Game development (programming)
  • 8% : Security and servers
  • 3% : Hardware
  • 20% : Marketing and publicity

Funds Stretch

This project can start being produced at 45K of funds. But the more money we get, the more awesome will be the game.

So please support us as much as possible to make this game as great as possible :-)

Here is the different level of the game according to the funding stretch :

Standalone RPG game, offline play (no internet required, no connection, no data storing online), 10 levels, 1 race, 2 classes, 2 quests serie campaigns, web forum, game build for PC/MAC/LINUX (maybe some more platforms)

previous + high avatar customization, 2 more races (total 3 of 13), 2 more classes (total 4 of 16), more quests, game build for Steam, Windows store. At this funds level we will start building the game on a MMORPG basis. Depending of the technicality required, the game might be MMORPG with very basic features.

previous + restricted mode introduced, 2 more races (total 5 of 13), 2 more classes (total 6 of 16), more quests, game build for Apple store. Some advanced options will be added to the MMO part.

previous + video intro 2 more races (total 7 of 13), 2 more classes (total 8 of 16), more quests, game build for consoles PS. Some advanced options will be added to the MMO part.

previous + 2 more races (total 9 of 13), 2 more classes (total 10 of 16), more quests, game build for consoles Xbox. Some advanced options will be added to the MMO part.

previous + MMO is fully implemented, community, chat, groups, guilds, trades, market between players, PVP and much more.

previous + marketplace on web, 3 more races (total 13 of 13), 3 more classes (total 13 of 16), more quests

previous + 3 more classes (total 16 of 16), game build for Nintendo Switch, Android Store, IOS Apple store

previous + enhanced restricted mode experience, more quests

previous + all the quests series listed

previous + Real money economy in game, earn money with ressources and creation

previous + mmo offline mode (not to be confused with the standard RPG offline available at the first level of funds)

This list is given as an information. Of course if we can do more in a level of funds, we will do it. Also the list is not detailed but all game mechanics will be introduced gradually and players satisfaction will be our main focus. We will be listening to the players requests and we may adjust our map road according to the major requests.

The Team

Thats me :-) 42 years old. I will occupy the CEO role and IT parts (security, servers, and programming)

My background :

In IT since 1985, i enrolled in army in 1995 for 5 years as an airborne ranger. I worked for 3 years in IT companies for customers such as Nuclear Energy Office, TotalFinaElf, Deutsch Telecom. I am expert in data and human and goods security. I created 3 companies (IT, Drone technologies and companies funding).

I was engaged in an official country program to teach project holders how to create and grow a business company. I worked on this engagement for 7 years and was teacher for adult classes of 10 to 18 students per session and about 16 sessions per year.

I'm also member of the Soft Bank NAO's program and i have a NAO :-)

Me with my NAO :-)
Me with my NAO :-)

I love online games and i've been playing World of Warcraft since 2004, but also Aion, Age of Conan, Warhammer. I also like online metaverse, i'm in SecondLife and OpenSIM. I like some FPS like CoD and Rainbow Six. I play Zelda on a Nintendo Switch.

Me at some MMORPG event, guess !
Me at some MMORPG event, guess !

Technicality, i have high skills in security management and servers and networks setup and administration. I have programming skills in C/C++/C#, python, pascal, PHP/HTML/JS. I have skill in database designing. I work on PC and MAC and Linux.I also have skills in game designing and used SDL, Unity3D, Unreal Engine.


 38 years old. Expert in social networks and SecondLife metaverse. She will be the english community manager.

Fashion victim in soul, Sandra will also help on gears and clothes designs.

Sandra is expert in making stunning avatars looks and you can see by yourself how good she is on looking on her Flickr.

26 years old. Expert in web designing and 2D arts. He created a web company and was my student as project holder.

A trained graphic designer, Dary have forged his own experience by working in several communication agencies in France and in Canada. On his return to France, he took a training of several months on the creation and the takeover of company in order to launch his own company of tee-shirts screen-printed "Made in France".

Of a nature to always be on the look out for new challenges to be met, Dary decide to found his own agency "La Cerise Créative®"

Currently, Dary is preparing an exhibition of his paintings in France for the end of the year : Facebook


3D environment expert : we work with freelance suppliers 


3D character expert : we work with freelance suppliers


2D art and texturing expert : we work with freelance suppliers

To recruit

While i'm myself a C# programmer, i won't be able to do all the duty alone so we will be recruiting a C# programmer.

If we are on funds stretch, more talents will be recruited depending of the funds level reached.


We have created a prototype of the game for you can realize what we can do. This prototype is limited. We will be using some of its content in the final game.

The prototype is available for PC, MAC and Linux.

Please take a note that this prototype requires internet and will be remotely deactivated after a laps of time.

The prototype won't be available for the public. Only KickStarters backers will be able to download it and use it with a personal key at the end of a successful KickStarters campaign.

All the graphic interface items in this demo are gross and have been setup in a fast manner. They won't be implemented in this way in the final game. The UI will be fully rich and customizable. Most of screenshots of small elements you saw in previous blocks will be use in the final game.



The game will be multiple platforms friendly.

 As you see all these platforms can be supported. The real life facts is that we won't be able to support them all unless we go on a crazy funds stretch goal.

Why is that ?

Simple : each platform need a special care and handle before it can be released. We need to purchase the hardware for each platform, this represents a high cost. We need keep the hardware in a work office and pay insurance. Each game version need to be tested to confirm that it is working the same way as for other platforms and has no critical bugs. So this mean that we need a dedicated team member(s) who will deal with this all. If we can pay him or her or them, and deal with all the logistic  then it's no problem but if we can't then the support will be canceled.

Also you need keep in mind that we do not play the same way on a phone or a tablet or a PC or a console. So there is special care needed for implementing a cross platform input method. 

Please read the funds stretch to figure out what platforms will be available.

Why KickStarter ?

I have been through many things regarding building a project and funding it. You may meet different kind of people and most of them will tell you "you are too small, too big, too white, too green" i mean they always have a good reason to tell you that your project is a peace of crap. I have even met people who think that they know better than me who i am and what i need, that was really crazy and i still laugh when i remember this :-)

Strangely when you work for someone, your ideas are always welcome. How is that ? So if i'm alone and want launch my project, it's crappy but if i work for you the idea is wonderful ? Yeah this is called "jealousy". Most of other don't want to see your wonderful ideas go to success unless you are working for them because obviously they will get all the benefits. I think you guys know exactly what i'm talking about ;-) 

Also there is one big fact that the one who gives the money, in most cases want to control the project. The problem is that having money is one, but the vision is another piece to handle. Usually money + a bad vision = a guarantied failure.

I have also met people who are ready to put a lot of money in your project just to send it to trash bin. Yeah, your project is so cool, so they don't want it to kill their crappy one on the market, so how to fix this ? Simple : buy it and trash it !

For these all reasons i decided to use KickStarter. What can be better than having the crowd as the Boss of a wonderful project to become ?

Be our Boss and support us ! We need you !

Thank you !

You reached the end ? Wow so you are very patient and thank you for reading ! I have written as much details as i can. I can keep writing but this may become a crazy thread and maybe it isn't a good idea to spoil the whole story.

This project might sound complex or maybe not. Regarding to me, it isn't that complex as i have already worked on bigger and more complex and more sensitive projects for big companies.

So if you have question or you need more detail, just do no hesitate to ask. And please share our KickStarter page, like our Facebook page and support our project, that would be wonderful !

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Here are some more game art